About us

I'm Fiona, no not Ruby, no logic at all for the Ruby name!

Ruby Tuesday Alnwick is a one woman business - in theory,  in practice however I couldn't do this without:
- JJ, husband (chief tip-tripper, pallet unloader, shoulder to cry on & face to snap at when things get tricky which they certainly have recently!)
- My children Hannah & Charlie (unpackers, pricers, occasional shop assistants and particularly fond of a Jellycat delivery!)
- Mum and dad (well where would we be without our mums and dads even though I am an actual grown up myself!). Both can be seen manning the fort at the shop, my dad in particular is a well known face behind the counter, his sense of humour is well, special. If you have ever been in the shop when he is in he will no doubt have delighted in telling you he is the worst paid man in Northumberland. This is indeed very true.

The philosophy is simple: I buy what I love. I buy good quality. I only stock brands on an exclusive basis. I work with brands and companies both large and small who respect small businesses. I want to work with companies that I can build a rapport with, that I feel have our back as a small business. You will always be greeted with a smile and some craic (northern term!), quite how I'm going to manage the latter online I don't know yet but we'll see how I get on with that!

So now you have a little flavour of 'Team RT' and what we're about. The website is new for us and we have a lot still to upload so keep checking back. We'll try to update you with news and articles about our product range which we think will be interesting and over time, I'm sure we'll get a lot better at the whole online 'thing'!

We'd love for you to share your experiences with us via our socials, there's nothing better than seeing our products with their happy new owners or in your homes.

Hope this all makes sense,